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Serious question guys, 

What are your thoughts on putting watermarks on gifs? Sometimes I think it is ugly but people are always stealing my gifs *cough* weheartit *cough* and no one gives me credit. I guess I shouldn’t complain because it is the internet. People steal stuff ALL the time. Ugh. IDK What do you guys think of watermarks? Feel free to be honest. I am not going to judge you for having an opinion, especially since I asked. 

Sample of a watermark:



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  1. ccresent answered: ya i think its fine, just don’t make them too big and put them kind of in the corner like you have now (:
  2. kingxshvlom answered: Yeah, you should but from the ones you just sampled, if you could make them kind of smaller..ish?
  3. ayayrron answered: go for it, you have a right to your stuff, just because other people put up with it doesnt mean you should. (plus ur marks aren’t noticable:)
  4. aprettyrosewoodliar answered: I think you should, it’s not like the watermark is in an annoying place that ubstructs the gif. Plus, people are inconsiderate ! I say do it
  5. abbyrosesears answered: You definitely should!
  6. realisingpeopleknowyouhaveablog said: As long as they don’t overpower the image they’re all good. These ones are fine =).
  7. pllloverstheories said: You should definitely do it. The watermark is tiny enough to where it wouldn’t effect the quality. Your work is great, and you can tell that you spent a lot of time on them, and it shouldn’t be stolen from you.
  8. xalisondilaurentisx answered: Its totally fine to put them on!
  9. sophiesprettylittleliarstheories answered: I think it’s up to you! =) The ones you have shown don’t ruin the gif either unlike some who put it across the whole gif! =)
  10. eleganting said: The watermarks are good because you’ll get the credit for the gifs you make and no one can take them.
  11. myhidden-talent answered: i think its actually a pretty good idea if your tired of people stealing your gifs and the picture doesnt look bad with the watermark
  12. juaniandtheroyals answered: I don’t like watermarks because they make gifs or pictures ugly. I just think my pictures are good and I don’t care if anyone likes them :)
  13. cupcakeposey answered: these watermarks aren’t too big or annoying or anything so I think they are totally ok - and it’s your own right to use watermarks if people
  14. promisesthatareforeverbroken answered: I like it! they are your gifs you should be able to say so!
  15. achn96 said: They don’t bother me as long as they don’t take focus away from the actual gif :)
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