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frenchmagpie said:

"I'm still so pissed about Ezra not being A. I mean it all made so much sense. I'm sick of them calling it "a big reveal" when it turns out to be nothing."

Well that is just how PLL works. I have come to terms with it. The hype is what is a huge let down. I would recommend not watching commercials or previews for it if you can. The episodes themselves aren’t bad, especially if you look back and watch them, but it is they hype that ruined them. (Like cast saying it was going to be different than the books for the Mona reveal. Everyone was mad that it was exactly the same (expect Mona lived.)) But if you go back and watch it now, it is actually a pretty good ending to the season. 

It is annoying though. 

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reflectionsinbelljars said:

"The way Zac was with Hanna was obviously creepy but I think it was too obvious like maybe a misdirection and really he's in AA and he gave her his number in a sponsor way and thought she just caught on to what he meant when he was talking about booze. Obviously way too tactile and maybe it's just wishful thinking that someone in that town isn't a creep and actually noticed Hanna needed help. But possible?"

Why would he grab her leg though? It is so creepy. Even if a woman or a friend grabbed my leg like that, I would question it. 

It would kind of fit. Maybe he was saying he could keep a secret so she would trust him enough to come to him when she was drunk and needed a ride. But he never expressed that he had a drinking problem, and he said he liked bad girls. It almost fits, but not quite. He is still a creep. :-P

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Aria Montgomery’s guide on how to victim blame and be a huge bitch. 

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kay-em-elle said:

"Same with Ali though. Like, Ali's lived in rosewood all her life too, right? So wouldn't people know if she had a twin too?"

You know what, I think that was in the books and I am getting the stories confused. Lol. I swear they said something about the Dilaurentis family moving away after Jason was born, but then coming back. Idk. there are so many episodes, it is hard to keep track. :D

Yeah, I am pretty sure everyone should know, unless for some reason, they baby was mutant and Jessica sent it away. That is the only think I could think of for sending one of the twins away, and keeping the other one. 

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potzillaroar said:

"I think Alison has done stuff against the girls that could be attributed to A, to cover her pants on fire. Honestly, what she did to Hanna's mom was a bitch ass move. Thoughts?"

Yes, I think it was something similar to what Mona use to do in Season 1. If Hanna blew her off, she would torture her/her family for it. Hanna didn’t even ask her mom if Ali could stay, yet Ali showed up anyway. So it was like Hanna blew her off imo. 

She claims that she did it to throw suspicion off. She said “Well it worked, didn’t it?” and I would have to disagree, it didn’t work. The detective now thinks Ali is more shady. So, idk. 

It was a total bitch-ass move. Lol. I was annoyed with her.

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pokephantom said:

"What do you think ever happened to Jake? I mean the last time we saw him he was getting stabbed in the foot. It seems like no one ever really leaves rosewood, do you think he'll come back?"

Idk. He probably realized Rosewood is a death trap and he gtfo. hahaha

He doesn’t go to school at Rosewood High, so it is kind of understandable that he isn’t really around. It really hasn’t been that long in PLL time since we last saw him. I think he may return or maybe he wont like Alex and Holden. Lol. If he matters to the story (Either A or Aria) he will return.

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dilemonade said:

"Jeez, you really roll out GIFs quickly! It's super cool, the fandom is lucky to have you"

Aw, that is super sweet. I felt like it took forever to get some going today. I would like to make a few more but I am getting tired and going to bed. Usually, I can make all the good ones before midnight. :D

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sleeptillwedie said:

"zac is hot :x"


Well, you mean the actor who plays him is… Because the roll he is playing on PLL is so creepy! You can’t tell me you think he should pursue Hanna, right?!?!?!? Haha. 

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I am still confused. Was Ali even ever pregnant? Why haven’t the girls asked her this and a million other questions?? It is really bothering my that they are allowing her to continue to keep secrets and control them. 


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themourningceases said:

"I think Melissa has a twin"

I think it is almost possible that everyone has a twin! What clues have you seen for Melissa? I am not so sure. How would no one know about it? They lived in Rosewood all their lives. 

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The way he licks his lips and looks her up and down is just… So creepy

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