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imnotthebrokengirlthatiusedtobe said:

"I'm asking myself how does Jenna get her hair done when she's blind ❤️"

She always looks put together well. Clothes, makeup, hair. I don’t know how she does it. Maybe she always has someone help her. First Toby, then Shana and now Sydney. Or maybe she is always faking being blind…

I am not saying that people who are blind cant do things on there own, but I can see and I can barely get my hair to look presentable. So it is a littler perplexing to me that she always has perfect hair. 

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frenchmagpie said:

"Youre amazing!!! <3"

Omg thank you! Lol

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Anonymous said:

"your mona faking her death theory is soooo good! if only the writers thought like that, if only. I know mona died in the books, but I want to know why they decided to kill her off now after 5 seasons?"

Aww thanks!

They claimed they have been planning it for a season or two… Apparently just waiting for the right time? IDK what they are thinking. Now I know how Maya fans felt because Mona was 100% my favorite character. Hopefully there is more to their plan than a senseless death. 

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Anonymous said:

"I'll be 50 shades of pissed if they make A someone we don't know or someone who's never been mentioned"

Haha, that is a cute way of saying you would be mad. Lol. And I agree 100% because I was a little annoyed that Cece was Red Coat because she wasn’t around since the begining and it made little sense. I guess it is fine that she was helping Ali, but I really don’t want some random person being the ultimate A… Or a parent. Lol.

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heavens-greatest-nemesis said:

"I think that the writers will do a 'twin thing' with Ali like in the books but with a twist like they do with a lot of the plots from the books. You have Ali 1 who is friends with the girls and on the same tortured-by-A, who-the-hell-is-this-maniac? ship as them. Then you have Ali 2 who was in Radley, killed Toby's mum, killed Bethany (because she was jealous like Mona said - maybe because Mrs D payed more attention to Bethany or something when she visited Radley) and is now A. Sound too crazy?"

No it doesn’t sound crazy. It is very much possible. I just don’t understand how a small town like Rosewood could not recognize a patient at Radley being twins with the girl who went missing. Or how Mrs D even hid the fact that she had twins? 

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Anonymous said:

"I kind of figured Bethany was Ali's twin... And I like Ali. Like the Ali with Emily. But I feel like she killed Mona..."

Yeah, I have thought about Bethany being Ali’s twin. I just wonder why Mrs. D would give up one twin. She obviously grew up near the Hastings. Surely they would have seen twins. 

It is making it seem like she at least caused Mona’s death if she didn’t do it herself. Hmm, poor Emison. They were cute for a minute but Alison isn’t deserving of Emily’s caring personality. She too easily manipulates and lies to her.

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Anonymous said:

"do you think there's any significance behind the reason why Mona kept looking into mirrors during Tuesdays ep?"

Because she is pretty? Lol. Idk. What does looking in mirrors mean? That she is vain or what? I think they liars are always looking in mirrors, but there could be a deeper meaning I suppose. 

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karinacupcake said:

"Hannah,you are so funny,i love your gifs and your answers are amazing,i have so much fun coming in here :)"

This means a lot to me! :) I thought I would get some negativity once I turned anon back on because people are afraid to speak their mind sometimes, but it has genuinely been positive. I am so happy to have a space fans of the show can joke and share their theories without fear of hate. My followers have been very accepting of my jokes which I enjoy. I know it is mostly a drama show, but I think we can all poke a little fun at it now and then. 

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Anonymous said:

"Why didn't Ali mention that she saw Garret the night she went missing? Did You notice that? Either she's lying about it or it's Ali's twin that he talked too, thinking it was Ali. And her interaction with Ian? Didn't he record her that night? And wasn't there apart of the vid where you see Ali's arm in the dirt? I think both Ali and her twin were there that night. The evidence and Ali's story of when she went missing doesn't add up, it gets me fustrated cause the girls don't notice it lol"

I just don’t think it came up? Idk, maybe she didn’t get to that part before A started shooting at them. It is possible that Ali could have a twin. She really did a lot in that back yard. Almost too much for one person to do in one night. 

She did mention going to the kissing rock and being with Ian when she told the liars her story. It showed them with the camera in that episode. 

It is annoying that the girls haven’t pressed her for more info. The girls do realize Ali is lying about stuff though and they don’t trust her. Maybe that is why they aren’t asking her, because they know she will lie.

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I know we saw the body and everything, but wouldn’t it just be glorious if Mona faked her death by staging a murder in her house with the help of Jenna and Sydney.  And they planned on pinning the murder on Ali to get rid of her once and for all. (Mona had bandaids on her arm the day she fainted. She could have been drawing her blood, which causes people to get light headed. Then she just threw blood all over her house. And Mona was having meetings with Jenna and Sydney to get the Liars to turn on Alison, Their first plan didn’t work so they took things one step further.) And maybe they made Mona get in the trunk and act dead so they could take pics and torture Alison with them or somehow convince the cops she took the pics… <3<3<3 Wishful thinking to have my devious Mona back. 

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Anonymous said:

"Who is A?"

I have no idea, and if I try to logically think about it I will end up pulling my hair out from frustration and lack of sleep.


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frenchmagpie said:

"Is it just me or does it seem like this show is getting easier and easier to predict. I mean you used to never know what was coming but now there have been a few things that the fandom predicted correctly. Alison being alive, Mona's death, Melissa's secret was that she killed Bethany, and other stuff like that. Maybe we really should go with the obvious choice and believe that Ali is A."

Hmm, I feel like it is the previews that ABCFAMILY releases before hand that give it away. I don’t remember seeing 30 minutes worth of previews the week before it aired. They usually will have a main preview, and 4 or 5 five minute previews plus 25 promo pics. Maybe I just need to stop watching the promos because it really gives a lot away.

But I agree that there haven’t been many shockers. I keeps saying this over and over to Abc Family’s social media sites, but they really need to stop telling us when someone is going to die!! I would have been way more surprised if I wasn’t expecting a death in the finale. Also need to stop telling us when someone will be revealed as A too. Just stoppppppp it ABCFAMILY!!!!

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Anonymous said:

"I dont think cece murdered Mona, Mona looked shocked and as far as me know she barely knows cece yea I would be surprised if someone i didnt know was in my house but that face of terror looked like she knew the and new what they were capable of. I think Alison was in the house but didnt go into monas bedroom to do the murder"

Well since Mona was A, she could have known/seen what Cece has done. She admitted to murdering Wilden, so I am assuming Mona knew that. I would be scared if I were her. Mona isn’t just anyone, she has the dirt on almost everyone in town, so I am sure she knows what Cece is really up to. 

I am not saying I think it is Cece, but it’s a possibility. I honestly have no idea for sure who it could have been. I do think it is possible Ali was behind it, but I don’t think she did the killing herself either. 

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Anonymous said:

"I think someone in the police department had something to do with the mistaken ID of Ali. Cus if the writers are gonna be realistic as possible, they have to be accurate. When you ID a corpse it HAS to go through a process and be 100% correct that the body is who they are. They run fingerprints and everything they can't just look at the face. So someone covered up the ID of the body for some reason. It could've been garret or Wilden."

Yeah I know. With all real logic, they should have known 100% who was buried via tests. Unless she was an identical twin, which happens when the egg splits in half so both twins have the same DNA, there is no reason the ID should have been wrong. Unless someone tampered with the evidence/tests or paid them off to give a false ID.

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Anonymous said:

"On one if the episodes, did you catch when the guy that said that kidnapped Ali was talking to her in the woods, and he said her name sarcastically? I think he said " ...... If you say who you are Ali" he emphasized her name as if he knew she wasn't who she said she was. I also think " Bethany Young" is Ali's twin but they gave her a diff name bc they wanted to keep her a secret."

He could have said that because she was prone to using fake names. That one guy Duncan who flew the planes knew her as Vivian. 

But it is still a possibility that he knew she was lying about being the real Ali. I honestly dont think she trusts that guy enough to tell him the truth though.

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