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"I’m scared. Is that what you wanted to hear?" [x]

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I noticed a weird frame in the preview. Who does it look like?? 

The image before, as it darkens, turns from Emily to… Jenna??



Blue dress, long  gloves. It looks like one of Ali’s new friends.


Lightened and zoomed:



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"I’m scared. Is that what you wanted to hear?" [x]

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Pll special on NOW!

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frenchmagpie said:

"Do you think we could be analysing this program way too much and the writers just laugh at how we make theories from the silliest things? Like I don't think the writers are actually putting hints inside everything like we all seem to believe. I still love that we do it though. It's so much fun!!!!!"

I don’t think they laugh at their fans. I kind of think they probably take it as a compliment that fans over analyse their show. I think they put hints in everywhere, but I also think some fans look a little too hard at something that isn’t there. It’s okay to do so because, like you said, it is fun. A lot of my theories turn out to be wrong because of over thinking.

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hopebreedspain said:

"I think that ali killed Bethany or had her killed, Bethany has a sister who is A, A is trying to avenge her sisters death and uncover what really happened. Ali is a monster and A is trying to find answers. The girls are stuck in the middle of ali's mess and shes building an army cause she knows A wants her dead for what she did to Bethany. A killed mona to frame Alison and separate her from the rest of the girls. ^ possibly THEORY."

I wonder why they would be messing with the liars though? Maybe Alison set them up to look guilty for Bethany’s murder. I would like to think that A killed Mona to set Ali up for murder. (Especially if for some miraculous event where Mona faked her death because she is my favorite. I would love it if she had faked her death to frame Alison. That would be the ultimate revenge.) 
I could see it being a possibility that Ali was responsible for Bethany’s death. 

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Lucy Hale being super cute per usual

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Anonymous said:

"Can you explain waht happen to Spencer's' sisters' baby? How did she lose it or what happen?"

After losing her second baby, she lied to Spencer and everyone by continuing a fake pregnancy for months until she claimed to have had a stillborn. IDK if she was really was pregnant or was faking the whole time. 

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Anonymous said:

"Can you post pics of troian with the wig. I never noticed it until someone else mentioned it."

You can tell by the part in her hair and her hairline, it looks unnatural. 

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Anonymous said:

"Hi, I saw that ask about why Troian was wearing a wig? Well I read somewhere that it was her choice because she felt the styling tools were too damaging for her hair and that she had asked to wear a wig :)"

I tried looking it up and I found no articles or proof stating that the tools were too harsh on her hair. She has since dropped the wig. So why would she have only wore it for a couple episodes and then resorted back? Hmmm. I mean it is possible,I just couldn’t find the article. 

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Anonymous said:

"I saw a photo of Alison and 4 other girls that aren't the liars! I think it's from the Christmas episode. Who are them??"

They are Alison’s new friends. After Alison found out that the liars think she is A, she got a new group of friends. (That creepily look like the current liars.)

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Anonymous said:

"did we found out which A went into emily's house and erased her files in the first episode of season 2?"

Um, I don’t think so. Nothing comes to mind. 

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