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I will be talking a small semi-hiatus. Thank you guys for being such cool followers. :) 

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Anonymous said:

"Am i the only one who thinks Aria should be dating Jason? After all Ezra did take advantage of the girls, especially Aria."

Well there is a whole Jaria fandom, so you aren’t the only one. I think they are cute together. 
I think she is blinded by love when it comes to Ezra. Now that he was shot, she is going to want him to be okay. I think she realizes how much she still loves him because of it.

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Lucy Hale being cute on E News

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Pretty Little Liars episode titles: 

  1. S05E01 “EscApe from New York”
  2. S05E02 “Whirly Girl”
  3. S05E03 “Surfing the Aftershocks”

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Omg, I accidentally answered something private that I meant to publish but your ask isn’t open for me to message you, avavah! Oops.

Anyone who has season 4 PLL available in their country on netflix, leave a comment below! avavah is curious which countries already have them. Thanks. :) 

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Anonymous said:

"they murdered the wrong girl bc they murdered courtney look her up"

Courtney from the book, yeah. IDK who is buried there, but I am betting Ali does have a twin. 

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Who else is loving Goodbye Gone by Lucy Hale. Preorder her cd and get an instant download of this song. (x)

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Anonymous said:

"for the person thinking spencer may have hit the other girl-- I don't think so because when Melissa was talking to their dad she was surprised when she found out they suspected spencer and then whispered something (most likely what actually happened) to him, so."

Yeah, Melissa did say “Spencer didn’t kill that girl.” then leans in and whispers. So she must know what happened. Makes sense that Spencer didn’t do it. Although Melissa isn’t the most credible source, she seems to be really serious.

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Anonymous said:

"I remember in a flash back when Alli used to manipulate her mom into getting what she wanted by holding her breath, but you can't die from that. You'd only pass out. Loool idk just a random thought!"

Yeah, I think she was just doing it to her mom to cause a scene and embarrass her. It wasn’t to like, commit suicide or anything.

Some people thought that is how she survived from being buried alive. She knew how to hold her breath, then just waited for her mom to leave and dug her self out.

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stefxo12 said:

"When does pll start again ? I do not remember ?? Lol"

June 10th!! :)

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Anonymous said:

"I watched season 4 on netflix. It's available on netflix in my country."

Yeah, but what country are you from? Lol I don’t have netflix so I can’t check.

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Anonymous said:

"Which pretty little liars storyline/scene frustrated you the most?"

When Emily met Nate/Lyndon or whatever his name is. It was so annoying to me. I didn’t like him. He took up the majority of season three. Just… No.

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Anonymous said:

"Why is it that the us doesn't have season 4 on Netflix and other countries do?"

I didn’t realize other countries did? Another anon said that netflix usually gets their new seasons added the moth of the DVD release. 

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