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Look how excited they are for the cookies. They are like "Thank you sweet cookie angel who has descended from the sky to bring me these perfectly crafted pillows of heaven. Bless you."

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"Where is that last gif with Paige in a Santa hat from?"

Take a look at the bottom of this post for the link and code to the preview for PLL’s Christmas episode. :) 

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Look how excited they are for the cookies. They are like "Thank you sweet cookie angel who has descended from the sky to bring me these perfectly crafted pillows of heaven. Bless you."

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PLL Christmas episode preview: [x] code: ICEMAZE

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"So personally I hate Allison because of all she has done to my girls but how do you feel about her? Sorry if you've already answered this question loads of times, I'm new :P"

Oh it’s no problem. I don’t mind because honestly my opinions are always changing. I like her character because she creates conflict and I find that interesting to watch. But if she were a person in real life, I obviously wouldn’t like her or be her friend. I kind of think every now and then, the girls are bitchy towards each other too, so I think sometimes they are all unlikable. 

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Janel Parrish- Dancing With The Stars [x]

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imsofanncy said:

"Didn't you once say on here that you know who -A is because someone anonymously told you and they had proof or something like that?"

No, I don’t think anyone really knows. Someone read the finale script and told me everything that happened on anon. It had nothing to do with A. It was the season 4 finale where Ali told the girls “everything” and she had a bunch of flashbacks of that night. D:

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"Do you watch Teen Wolf?"

No I do not. Sorry. 

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"I don't really think i'm asking a question, but more of putting my thought out there. Okay so in the beginning of the series A was a mystery person then A was Jenna, then Melissa, then Spencer (when she took Ezra's "son"), then Toby was on team A, then CiCi,then Mona, then we found out about Team A (Lucas, Mona, Melissa, everyone who hated Ali) then Mrs. D, then Ezra, now Ali? They want us to expect what they're putting out there so im thinking it might not turn out to be Ali? What do you think?"

Yes, that is usually how they do things. They are making their “twists” in the story too predictable for fans. So everyone in the fandom is expecting Ali to not be A because she is suspected as A.

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Anonymous said:

"no, i meant the girl in your avatar and another girl in the group. they both are lesbians i guess? so i wanna watch some stuff about them so what should i search for? or if u can give me a link? That's stupid i know haha"

Shay Mitchell is in my avatar, she plays Emily. She is straight in real life. I am pretty sure she has a boyfriend right now. But do you mean video clips of them as lesbians on the show? I would search google/youtube for their ship names if that is what you are looking for. Like, Paige and Emily is Paily; Emily with Maya is Emaya; Alison and Emily is Emison 

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prenderemoquellocheverra said:

"Hii, after watching 5x12, do you think A is Alison or not definitely?"

Idk. I want her to be A but it is too hard to tell right now.

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krystaliczna said:

"tbh i still believe ali has a twin. its probably pretty vague but remember when this cop i forgot the name of came to alis and made a remark about the piano? she said she used to play back then but not anymore and she played the piano a lot in the flashbacks. idk, theres this film rule to not say or do anything that wont have any relevance later on. also, alis story about twins. ah id be just so disappointed if there wasnt a twin of hers, i love that story!"

I agree, I like that story line. I feel like the writers drop a lot of hints for it.

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Anonymous said:

"i want to watch a youtube video about the 2 lesbian girls in the movie which i don't know their names so can i have the link if u may?"

I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Wait, are you talking about Immediately Afterlife? I thought that was about a cult? Lol, I never watched that. Well if you want to watch the video for that, click here: [x

Here is a video of Troian playing a lesbian: [x] Maybe this is what you were talking about?

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liars + spectrum

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