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rodenisqueen said:

"Who is a ?"


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Janel’s reaction to getting a perfect score on Dancing With The Stars

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Newly released Christmas episode still:

Shay looks like Jessica Rabbit. How Am I supposed to buy that they are in high school?? Haha, so fancy. 

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 What is it about those four pretty 
girls that attracts so many corpses?

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seashorebreeze said:

"I feel like no one mentions it enough. But if alison was red coat then she was telling mona what to do to the girls right ? And if so then she was ok with all the bad things happening to the girls. Or was shana red coat (i can't recall i know shana was said to be "A" though)"

The girls think Shana was A because she was wearing all black and the hoodie. There really isn’t any reason to suspect otherwise. 

IDK, Ali claims that she and CeCe were both Red Coat. And Mona had said before that Cece came to visit her at Radley. The whole story is a little messy. IDK what Ali had control of and what Mona did on her own.

My personal opinion is that Ali liked playing games with the liars, but not actually hurting them. So, she would come save them at the last minute so they didn’t actually get hurt. (She stopped the log cutter from chopping Emily up, she got Hanna out of the fire, she got Emily out of the barn after she passed out, ect.) 

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the-girl-who-laughs-and-cry said:

"Hi, can you tell me please please "who's A?""

Idk who A is now. Mona was, Lucas, Toby, Spencer, Cece, probably a bunch of others that I am forgetting to name now. There are more people who are A than who aren’t A. 

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Anonymous said:

"Reviewing the 4x6 in the scene where Mine goes from Aria to talk to the rumors spread by his friend, when Aria moves away angry and passes next to Ezra you can see that Aria is smiling. Lasts for two seconds, but if you pay attention you can notice it .. do you think it means something or not? Sorry for The english :)"

Your English is fine!! :)

I think it is Lucy laughing at Ian. I think she might have broken character because I don’t think “Aria” meant to smile there. I think Ian and Lucy goof around on set so it was probably just hard for her not to laugh. 

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I just received a message that I found odd:

I don’t mean to be insensitive or skeptical but why would you send me a two year old Yahoo! Answers question?

Is this some sort of joke that I am missing or what? Someone please explain. 

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seashorebreeze said:

"That would make sense. Cause he told spencer that he pushed her and she hit her head and never got up. He could have been protecting melissa since melissa thought it was ali. But why try to kill spencer. I still don't know why'd he do it. I mean melissa knew about the videos anyways right ? He couldn't have been that worried about spencer telling melissa. Unless melissa didn't know which i can't remember if she did or not"

What happened was he was telling Spencer he would kill her and write her suicide know saying “she[Ali] hit her head and never got up.” So he wasn’t the one admitting he did it, he was just saying that as if he was reading a suicide note that he would write for her after he killed her. So Ian would make it look like Spencer took blame for Ali’s death and couldn’t take it and killed herself. And later he said he was doing it because he loved Melissa, which hints that he knew what happened. It is weird that he said “What are you doing here?” if Ali pushed him off though. That makes it sound like he knew she was alive. Maybe later Melissa and Ian knew it wasn’t Ali in the grave, but the fact remained that she killed someone. Maybe they didn’t know it was Bethany, but they still wouldn’t want Spencer digging around trying to find out what happened because that would only get Melissa in arrested. 

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Anonymous said:

"going through your blog and I noticed that you said "blood is thicker than water" when talking about Mike but that phrase is actually a shortened version of "blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb" which means bonds made by choice are greater than those forced upon us by familial ties. just wanted to throw that out there for you to know, because it's a common misuse of the phrase"

Well thanks for checking out my blog. It means a lot that you spent so much time on it, considering the post you are referencing is probably a couple pages in.

Since it is widely misused, the majority of people know what I am talking about. It probably has become like an urban slang phrase since it is a very common phrase. It has almost created it’s own phrase unrelated to it’s original use.  So although the majority of people get it wrong, I probably wont ever give up the phrase the way I say it. It is kind of like how I pronounce “gif”  For years I just read it as it sounds. Like GIFT without the T. Then I found out the makers claim it is to be pronounced with a J sound. I know it is proper to say it like JIF, but I can’t help but call it a GIF. I will do my best with correcting myself and thanks for the info. 

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Emily teaches A a thing or two…

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seashorebreeze said:

"In 1x22, during the ian/spencer fight why does ian tell spencer he was the one who killed ali. Did he know she was alive too ?"

Hmm. IDK. I don’t think he actually admitted it but he could have thought that Melissa was the one to do it. She might have admitted to him that she pushed her into the gave and buried her. Then Ian just said that because he was protecting her.  

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Anonymous said:

"Where did you find the script?? Is there a page where I can find all of the scripts? :)"

 Ok, I found this website that has all the seasons and episodes written out. But It is not the actual script, someone just wrote everything the said. I don’t even think it tells you who is talking. And FYI the website is very yellow. Lol., (xx

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Anonymous said:

"Do you have links to read pll script? I love reading those!"

The one I posted earlier and this one [x] (Pilot episode, and S01e02) are the only ones I know of. They are such random episodes too. As far as I know, they don’t regularly post them. I think they were leaked. I don’t think the writers intended for them to be out. I know the season four finale was leaked then removed by Warner Bros before the episode aired. 

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